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Embrace the change!


Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? 
Are you struggling with frustrating menopausal symptoms?

Ignite your energy, reset your hormones, and feel like yourself again!

The Me•No•Pause Coaching Program is helping women navigate menopause using nutrition, exercise, community and mindset strategies to feel better in this new season of life!

I help you work around your busy schedule to create better eating, exercise, and healthy life habits that ease your menopausal symptoms.

You will learn a new roadmap to start feeling better with the right mix of nutrition, exercise, supplements and lifestyle hacks.

The Me•No•Pause protocol is backed by scientific studies that will help you feel your best, whether you are
premenopausal, perimenopausal, or postmenopausal.

Support and Solutions for Menopause

Taking the latest research in women’s health and aging, combined with my education and expertise in women’s hormone health, I have developed a program that works to help women through the menopause transition and beyond.

Together we develop your unique, personalized  roadmap for a healthy second half of life, utilizing the most up-to-date research on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle strategies that support women in menopause. This program will ignite your energy, help reset your hormones so you can feel like yourself again!

The foundation of the program focuses on 4 pillars for healthy aging:

1. Nutrition

2. Exercise

3. Mindset through habit stacking

4. Community

How it Works

Me•No•Pause Coaching Program

Me•No•Pause | 12-Week Coaching Program

In this small-group coaching program, you will learn what is going on with your hormones, how to reduce symptoms and fee! better physically and mentally! Together we will establish your personalized hormone healing roadmap!
All of this is achieved in a supportive community environment where you will also receive one-on-one guidance and support from me, your coach. Once you are signed up, you will receive the 12 lesson videos, accompanying PDFs, meal plans, exercise guidance, stress-management tools and more, all housed in one password-protected location. We meet weekly via Zoom and you will also receive a one-on-one coaching session to kick off your Me•No•Pause journey where we design your unique hormone-healing roadmap. You also receive two additional one-on-one check-in sessions at the midway point and at the end of the 12 weeks.

Me•No•Pause | Next Level Monthly Coaching Program

Once you complete the 12-week Me•No•Pause program, you will be invited to join the "Next Level" Me•No•Pause group, where you receive practical support and goal-setting to keep you on track and accountable. The Next Level group includes monthly coaching sessions via Zoom where I provide coaching on a Menopause-related health topic along with a Q&A session, along with a dedicated private Facebook group.

Me • No • Pause | One-on-One Coaching Program

If you prefer a one-on-one coaching experience, this 6-month individual coaching program will provide personalized guidance to achieve your health goals. My knowledge and experience in women's hormone health utilizes all major dietary theories combined with practical lifestyle coaching methods to create a program designed specifically for you.

Success Stories ...

Kristin guided me to deal with menopausal weight gain. The paradigm shift has blown my mind.

I am losing belly fat and am feeling great. Thanks Kristin!
Karen L.
My symptoms decreased dramatically and I was quickly able to find the foods that triggered symptoms. I went from almost constantly debilitating hot flashes to a few hot flashes that were manageable. I've even gone some days without hot flashes, which I haven't seen in years!
M.B., 2022
The dietary shifts I made feel really good. I’ve learned a more sensible workout plan and with the meal timing plan Kristin helped me with I don’t have the sugar and carb cravings I used to have so badly. I’m eating more mindfully and less! So grateful for what I have learned and the results I have received.
Kristi D.
With Kristin, I now have a better understanding of how to nourish my body and use food as fuel. I’m making better choices for myself and family, and I’m taking time to better understand how certain foods make me feel so I can make better choices. I’m get getting the connection between better eating and more energy—because I had a couple bad days and felt sluggish. Learning that eating real food is both enjoyable and allows you to eat more and feel better—win, win!
Debbie Rose
Kristin is inspiring, motivating and empowering. I’ve seen amazing results from her nutritional coaching and group fitness training sessions. She encourages her clients to push themselves, while always ensuring proper form. With Kristin’s support and guidance, I am healthier than I have ever been. She has changed my life!
Mandy Coyne

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