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My symptoms decreased dramatically and I was quickly able to find the foods that triggered symptoms. I went from almost constantly debilitating hot flashes to a few hot flashes that were manageable. I've even gone some days without hot flashes, which I haven't seen in years!
M.B., 2022

My promise to you.

Taking current and developing science and research in the field of women’s health and aging, combined with my education and expertise in women’s hormone health, I have put together a program that works to help women in, approaching and beyond the menopause transition.

Together with each client, we develop a unique, personalized brand new roadmap for a healthy second half of life, utilizing the most up-to-date research on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle strategies that support women in menopause.

Here at Me•No•Pause Partner, I help you manage your menopause symptoms. It provides you with personalized symptom management plans, expert advice from doctors, and a community of women who are going through the same thing as you.

~ Kristin DiDomenico

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