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Program FAQ

The sooner you can learn how to take care of your body and its response to your hormone changes the better. The majority of women in this program range from age 40-65 and range from being in the very beginning stages of perimenopause to being post-menopausal (which continues as long as we are alive:)
No, this is a lifestyle and we focus on mindset shifting versus willpower and restriction. You receive practical solutions for your menopausal body which encompass nutrition, supplement recommendations, exercise, sleep solution via habit stacking for all things menopause.
Although this is not the main focus of the program, most women DO lose body fat, especially around their midsection, by following the step-by-step guidance provided in this program.
Yes, I offer many options of foods to add in and those to crowd out to support your hormonal changes in menopause. I give you yummy grab-and go- meals, as well as a seasonal meal plan with recipes that taste amazing and are quick to prepare and easy to follow.
The main part of this program happens during your day-to day life. It is meant to bring increased awareness of your daily habits, so that you can achieve step by step shifts that work with your life. We have one weekly one-hour coaching call via Zoom. During the call, each participant checks in and then I go into a presentation on one of the 12 lessons, followed by a question and answer portion. We end the call by setting goals for the upcoming week.
Coaching sessions are recorded, so that you can listen on your own time, but it is recommended that you attend these session live.
I keep this group small in order to provide individualized coaching experience. At this time space is limited to 8-10 participants at a time.
This program is offered 4 times during the year – January, March, June and September/October.
  • Once you register for the program, you will receive access to all of the lessons with videos, accompanying handouts, meal plans, nutrition and supplement recommendations as well as exercise guidelines.
  • We begin with a one-on-one coaching session to determine your goals and come up with your new healthy living roadmap
  • As a group we meet once a week via Zoom where we do an individual check-in, followed be the lesson of the week recap with slides (recorded), ending with your new habit/focus for the week ahead.
  • There is a private FB group for accountability, support, questions and sharing.
I am available at all times in the Facebook group, via email as well as via text and for two 15-minute check-in calls over your 12-week program to answer any individual questions and concerns.
Yes! Private, confidential and closed to the public.
Yes, ofcourse! But I do encourage using the FB group as this is a safe place to share and there is a good chance others may have a similar question or appreciate your asking:)
The cost of the program is $1797 for the full 12-week coaching program.
Several women have been able to use their FSA to pay for the coaching program, while others have had a doctor referral for insurance coverage.
Once you complete the 12-week Me.No.Pause program, you will be invited to join the “Next Level” Me.No.Pause group, where I share the most up-to-date research and science, along with practical support and goal-setting to keep you on track and accountable. There is a monthly coaching session via Zoom where I will share on a Menopause health topic along with a question and answer portion.


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